Christina Nielsen is a Holistic Therapist who has been in continuous practice since the 1970’s. During this time she has continued to learn, study and deepen her understanding of the human condition in health and illness in a holistic paradigm.

She has a clinical practice where her mind-body approach uses a range of therapies. She is the founder of the Metavision Institute where she teaches Applied Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, Metavision and QiSophia.

The Healing Power of Illness: The Calling of our Body's Symptoms

Follow the Path of Your Symptoms

Christina is excited to be collaborating with David Bedrick (Talking Back to Dr Phil) to hold a two day workshop during September in Sydney.

You will learn to listen to the message of your symptoms as you begin to use your body to connect with your deepest self and the intelligent role symptoms play in guiding you on your life path.

For more information visit the seminar page here.

Holistic Therapy using Chinese Medicine and Psychotherapy

My speciality is working with your awareness to integrate the mind and body to bring healing, and self-development.

Every illness or problem in your life provides an opportunity for increased awareness and growth of self as part of your healing.

In mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and diagnosed conditions such as bi-polar, schizophrenia etc. the relationship between the mind and body is always out of balance. Both body and mind need addressing.

Through awareness of the psychological and spiritual aspects of the condition and developing strategies to consciously address through skilful methods of psychotherapy where the focus is on process and expanding awareness is done.

However often this is not enough, or can be corrected much more quickly where the resultant imbalances in the body are addressed using Acupuncture of Herbal remedies. These methods are gentle without the frequent ‘side effects ‘ that Western medicine often has while working on the same principal that the mind can be healed by treating the body.

If the mind is stressed and out of balance in some way then the body in it’s physiological and energetic nature will also be out of balance.

Medical symptoms where pain or discomfort alerts you to a problem, then my starting point is to use the holistic medical system from East Asia.  However greater awareness of habits, the environment or possible underlying emotional issues enhance healing, empower you to understand your body better and shorten treatment time.

The world and our culture are in transition and change that affects everyone. The times are calling for a holistic view of the human being in health and in illness, and a change in perception and consciousness. 

Consciousness is a powerful force. I believe the world is moving towards an integrated world medicine that draws together the best parts of western medicine, East Asian medicine and Psychology. Patients want to be treated as a unique individual with conscious participation in their own healing.

No longer can the parts be seen out of context with the whole.

The results that I have seen in my clinic confirm for me the efficacy and speed of this unique combination of modalities.

Why not try for your self? Give me a call in office hours.

Course Information

Courses are held at the Metavision Institute Bowral N.S.W. Australia. They are offered as a mix of distance education and face to face intensives. 

Please find more information about the following courses at the Metavision website:

Holistic Counselling Skills Course

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

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